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2000 Clutch Master Cylinder size ?

Discussion in 'Shop Talk' started by 427HISS, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. 427HISS

    427HISS Member

    I have a 2000 Cobra. Without tearing it apart, what size do I have ?

    Brent from B2 Motorsports said this on club cobra. And I trust his knowledge.

    "A lot of problems that Cobra guys have with pedal pressure stems from their hydraulic master/slave setup. A lot of clutch master cylinders have a very large bore and it makes for a heavy pedal. I've had best luck with a 3/4" master cylinder. It provides a good pedal with adequate travel."
  2. Lakeway Cobra

    Lakeway Cobra Member

    It all depends on what slave you have. Not sure what Lonestar was doing in 2000 but they sell the wilwood slave now.

    Also, you should be able to look through the air vents and see what size is stamped on the master cylinder.

    Are you having too much pedal pressure right now?
  3. 427HISS

    427HISS Member

    No problem now with the single disk I have now, I'm just curious about the new clutch and what it will need differently,....if anything.
  4. DaveT

    DaveT Member


    I was running a 7/8 MC on clutch with Forte slave mounted on bellhousing. Pedal was very stiff. I swapped it out this winter for a 3/4 and now its just right. Took forever to bleed it.

    You can search threads on the forum, from what I remember some like the 3/4 and some didn't.

  5. Dave, Are you happy with that Forte setup? Seems like I remember Tug or someone on here having issues? I have the Speedway & could fix & go back to the Willwood, I need one that has more travel & I have mine set to shift to the point that I am afraid I am spinning the T O bearing all the time & my TKO 600 seems to have a problem going to 3rd under hard demand to the point I don't know if I could ever get a Quality 1/4 mile run. Having to pull my motor because of a chewed up cam gear so it would be a good time for a change, that plus trying to get Kevins SS sidepipes.

  6. CapnCrunch

    CapnCrunch Member

    I bought my car in Dec 2001 from LSC and I recd a 3/4, a 7/8 and a 1" master. I was told to put the 1" on the front brake, 7/8" on the rear and the 3/4 on the clutch. I am happy with my installation.
  7. DaveT

    DaveT Member


    It took me awhile to get the Forte set-up right, but now I'm very happy with it. I started with a 7/8 MC and the pedal was very, very stiff. I was reluctant to go to the 3/4 after Larry had issues with it, but I swapped it out over winter and it works great. With the 3/4 the pedal firmness is right and I have no problems shifting and no grinding getting into reverse. I autox cross the car regulary and IMHO the Forte set-up I have is more rocksolid than others I have used and seen. I do not have a great deal of travel in the pedal when engaging the clutch but it works for me. It took me forever to get the system bled correctly.

    The Forte set-up I have has a braket welded on bellhousing and a new fulcrum stud welded into bellhousing that the new billet clutch fork rides on. So you definatley need to drop tranny and remove bellhousing.

    I'm now running 3/4 MCs on all three.

  8. Reptyl

    Reptyl Member


    I drove Larry's car recently and his clutch is very smooth and takes much less pedal pressure than mine. I have the McLeod hydraulic T/O bearing with a 1" master and it feels like a pro stock clutch! I'm in the process of swapping it out to a 3/4" to give me more travel and to reduce the effort.

    I also saw the Forte's slave setup on Larry's car and it's a really nice piece. Evidently, there are two versions available. You may want to give him a call to see which one he has.

  9. sleal

    sleal Member


    I have the same bearing on my car, do you have any noise from yours?? The bearing is designed for constant contact sometimes when my clutch is out it must be just barely touching the pressure plate and it makes a little noise-If i just touch the clutch pedal it will stop.

  10. undy

    undy Member

    Forte's unit wouldn't fit my 2000 car with a Lakewood bellhousing and a TKO600 behind a FE. It hit the frame. I needed another 1/2" between the frame rail and the bellhousing flange to squeeze it in.
  11. Reptyl

    Reptyl Member


    I don't notice any noise from my T/O bearing. It came with my car and the only issue has been the stiff pedal which I plan on correcting with a smaller master cylinder. You may want to double check the setup height.

  12. sleal

    sleal Member

    RT, I believe I have a 3/4 on mine, the pedal travel and feel are fine. The theory of operation is that as the clutch wears the splines on the PP come out more and force the piston back into the TO cylinder. When I installed the TOB they had me measure the distance between the front of the cylinder and the PP and then they sent the right length piston, well they said it was the right length?
  13. Reptyl

    Reptyl Member


    Mine has an adjustable spacer and the instructions show how to measure and setup the proper clearances. The one I have may be an older model and not made the same as yours.

  14. KenC

    KenC Member

    My car came with same cyclinders as Crunchie. The external slaves tend to be 3/4in diameter, so a 3/4 in master is the minimum size, especially since the Tiltons only have about 1.1in of travel even with the biggest foot. And going down in size will not increase travel, but will decrease pressure. Going up in size would increase travel up until you hit the stop but pedal pressure would go up as well. And you all are fuzzes, I used to run a old spring style racing pressure plate where my left leg would shake when I applied the clutch on the road. City driving was real fun :lol:
  15. 427HISS

    427HISS Member

    Yep, mine are the same size as yours.

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