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Discussion in 'Shop Talk' started by Ballard, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. Ballard

    Ballard Member

    I cannot find the thread on single wire alternator issues. I have an intermittent issue where the alternator works fine after cranking and other times it will not kick the exciter in. Does this mean I should replace it before it fails?

    Note: Increasing RPM's does not change the situation in all cases. Sometimes yes and like yesterday no on the second trip (went for fresh gas ride).

  2. Have a single wire on my Lonestar with no issues but I converted my Excaliber over to one & all would be good for about a year & then the activity you described, I would pull it & take to be spun & checked & would be told nothing wrong but told the guy to sell me a voltage regulator for the heck of it & EVERYTIME it fixed it ........ for Another year or so ..... beat me but it would fix it but the car never had a real pattern either.

    Wendell / Lynn
  3. Ballard

    Ballard Member

    Thanks Wendell. I am replacing the alternator and will see what happens. Acts like it should be a wire but it does not go in and out while driving. It either cranks and works fine or it does not. Really odd, but that's electrical components I guess. :D

    See you next month in San Marcus.

    Kind regards
  4. undy

    undy Member

    I had a one wire and always had problems. It wasn't reliable on charging and when it did charge it would only produce in the low 13 volt range. After a thorough internet search I found that these were common problems with one-wire alternators. I converted to a three wire install and all was fine afterwards, 14.5 charging volts that was reliable. My cooling fan ran faster, engine ran cooler and all electrics seemed happier.

    BTW... this all was with the same alternator, which was convertible to a three wire (Powermaster).

    I will NEVER us a one-wire alternator in the future...
  5. Ballard

    Ballard Member

    My new alternator has arrived and I have read some other comments about 3-wire vs 1-wire installations. Now I am thinking about the conversion....... :idea:

    Thanks for the help.
  6. Luce

    Luce Member

    The only way a 1 wire has any hope of working right is if you have a super heavy (6 ga or larger) wire from the terminal to either the battery or starter solenoid. Otherwise, the huge current causes a voltage drop between the reg and battery. With a 3 wire, the alternator can sense the actual voltage at the battery and put out 15.5V in the stator so by the time it gets to the battery it's 14.5V.
  7. Ballard

    Ballard Member

    Well, I installed my new 1-wire alternator and fortunately all is well! All I have left is a short trip to confirm everything is good to go, wash the ride and then head for San Marcus. Thanks for the help.

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