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front vent screens

Discussion in 'UCC - Discounted New/Used Parts' started by dwj, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. dwj

    dwj Member

    Can you let me know the cost for the two 7x3 front screens. I cannot find a similar material in Mcmaster-carr or at home stores.
  2. You can get them at finishline for $24 + shipping
    http://www.finishlineaccessories.com/ca ... edc2e63ed7

    or you can buy aluminum screen door bottom mesh at Lowe's and make a 2x4 wooden template to bend them around - make your own for about ? $20
    I put mine on with 100% clear silicone from behind
  3. NC Cobra

    NC Cobra Member

    Tony's right. You can get them pre-bent from Finish Line. However, if you order the screen for the oil cooler from Finish Line, it is just flat. Since I'm not running an oil cooler, I put the screen up in its place(or you may want it in addition to the oil cooler). I made my own wooden form to bend it over like the brake vent screens. If anyone wants to borrow it, speak up and I'll send it over.

    NC Cobra
  4. BPWilliams

    BPWilliams Member

    That is exactly how I made mine ... bought the flat material from finish line and made a wood buck to bend the screen. I think the same material can be found at HD and it is the screen that they use to mold the window trim for the stucco. It is very close and is very cheep.

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  5. dwj

    dwj Member

    Thanks guys,
    I did try a stainless mesh screen that is used for food straining (old one from work) and built a wood model to form it around. My wife liked the original LSC ones better. The originals are not in too good of shape. Got a hold of Brian and he is sending me a couple.

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