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Keyless with A FOB?

Discussion in 'LS-427' started by Wendell / Lynn, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. Back when I was doing my build a few had talked going with this system, one style I think had like a credit card for carry, E. Texan might have gone with it/
    Anyone here have knowledge of ?

    Wendell / Lynn
  2. cobrapilot

    cobrapilot Member

  3. sleal

    sleal Member

    I have this model, works great, had a problem with the first one, relay problem the company said they had not had this issue before, sent out new system promptly and I have not had a problem since approx 8000 mi

  4. Ballard

    Ballard Member

    Might want to check the old posts also. If I recall correctly Kenton Lawler posted some data on a similar system, wiring diagram, etc.

  5. THANKS I will look at both systems!
    I was thinking Elegant Texan did this option but it may have been Kinton, still have is cell so I will Buzz him

    THANKS !!!!
  6. 427GTO

    427GTO New Member

    I have been interested in a push button starting system and I really liked the way the digital guard dawg system looks. Since I am just getting ready to start building my dash I am going to install it in the build.
  7. sseaner

    sseaner Member

  8. 427GTO

    427GTO New Member

    Update on the keyless ignition. I did install the digital guard dawg system, it wired right in, only had one issue with a small purple wire. Got through that issue and am very pleased with their PBS -1 system for the cobra. You can leave the key fob in manual if you want to where you have to push the unlock button to energize the system, then push the button and it starts. If you put the key fob in auto, the system. Will energize if you are within 10 feet of the car.


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