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Photo's of the 427GT ?

Discussion in 'General Comments and Questions' started by 427HISS, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. 427HISS

    427HISS Member

    Anyone have photo's ?
  2. 427GTO

    427GTO New Member

    I will have some soon, still building mine. I just finished painting it and need to color sand and buff it out and then finish the build.
  3. 427HISS

    427HISS Member

    Would appreciate it.
    What are the differences from the last, say 10 years or so ?
  4. 427GTO

    427GTO New Member

    There are a lot of changes so I will probably miss some. To start the rear cowl is dropped by about 5 inches, the floor pan drop is now cast in, you don't have to cut and glass the new pans in. The dash is not a cast part of the body, it is separate, the front fenders are reshaped to accommodate the headlight assemblies, there is a cast in channel to route the wire harness to the trunk from the passenger compartment, the front grill is reshaped, the lower corners are more square, the body goes down farther on the frame so it is not as visible if at all, the wheel wells front and back are higher on the body so the entire car is dropped about 3 inches in ride height, the scope that is cast into the hood is centered and straight. Attached are photos of my right now, hard to see the actual height since it is still on jack stands.
    Yes, the car is purple, some od the photos make it seem blue.

    Attached files 4787-2708.JPG (1007 KB) 4786-2708.JPG (358.5 KB) 4788-2708.JPG (30.2 KB)
  5. Prof

    Prof Member


    Yep, that's my body CSX #4288 being used as MOLD for the Ultimate Classic Cars new 427 GT. Exciting!
    Merry Christmas
  6. Astorga

    Astorga New Member

    That looks so neat. Thanks for sharing the pic Paul.

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