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Stupid questions

Discussion in 'Race Talk' started by NC Cobra, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. NC Cobra

    NC Cobra Member

    It's time for another non-technical thread, just for fun.

    "What is the dumbest question you've ever been asked about your car?"

    I've got 2:
    1. Is that a Jaguar?
    2. It's a kit? How many pieces?

    NC Cobra
  2. dwj

    dwj Member

    is it a corvette?
    Is it fast? After they heard it run. (KCBB)
  3. CobraB

    CobraB Member

    How big was the box?
  4. Does it have A V-8 ? ( Before they heard it run )
  5. Tugboat

    Tugboat Member


    Mine is YELLOW!!!!


    ps-my personalized plates say "BILT IT"
  6. T Jacobs

    T Jacobs Member


    (After they have seen the smile on my face)
  7. Xavier

    Xavier Member

    I have had (3) seperate ladies do this at (3) different shows. The ladies come up to my car, laughing, giggling, telling me how "cute" my car is. How great it must be to own and drive. They are just in complete happiness...

    Before they walk away they say, "I can't believe you acutal own the "shaguar" from Austin Powers...how did you buy that car?"

    I am so shocked, I just smile and say thanks..I just cannot give an answer... :roll:



    I tell this story all the time...

    I am working on my Cobra in my garage, and I guy just walks right into my garage while I am underneath the car. Scares the hell out of me, I hate when people do this. Anyhow, the guy (like most guys) is an "expert" on all racing cars. He goes on on how great my car looks, the work I put into it, but there is no educating a know-it-all, this guy (like everyone else) knows at least a dozen people with an original tracked race car. Of course he does...who does not know someone with an original...(sarchasim) :wink:

    He goes on and on, why did I do this, why did I do that, how did I do this etc., etc. etc. I am just trying to be short to get him out of the garage during this time. He goes over Le Mans races, F1 races, FIA races etc. Recalls the drivers, the wins the wrecks etc., etc. etc. I mean this is the lonest half hour of my life...going over each specification of each car part he knows with scientific detail to make himself and his ego feel good. I am not impressed.

    Upon leaving, he pays me an additional compliment and says; "I have been working in and around race cars all of my life, but I have to tell you, your car is one of the best looking Ferrari's I have ever seen. How did you get it?".

    And with that, I just gave him a wink and said thanks - I just told him its a long story. I need to get back to work. :roll:
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Member

    I've had to come to terms with the two most common blunders.

    1) Is it real? (or more commonly, the surprise when I tell them it's not)
    2) Is it fast?
    3) How much [money] do you have in it? (I don't answer this anymore other than to say, "a lot")

    I survive these by reminding myself that they are based on ignorance...

    The last one happens frequently and frustrates me to no end. Most of the time it's some guy "educating" his wife about my "Mustang Cobra"! While I can appreciate how the Jaguar and Ferrari mistakes can be annoying, I would at least consider them compliments.

  9. KellyD

    KellyD Member

    I like it when they ask what year vette is that.

    I always tell them it's a 2012., and they still don't get it.
  10. AggieJack

    AggieJack Member

    When they ask if the Fiberglass body will rust your answer should be -

    " We have a 100% guarantee against any body rust for the life of the car!!" :lol: :lol:

  11. fasteddie

    fasteddie Member

    I get all those questions too, sometimes all I want to do is get a quick soda at a local convient store. I don't like to talk how much money it cost me for the car. I am now telling those that ask how much money the car cost, I built it for about 1/2 million $ less than the cheapest original car cost.

    Have a good day!
  12. kenwat

    kenwat Member

    1. Is it original? "yes, it's one of a kind"
    2. Is it fast? "Only when you step on the gas."
    3. Is it a 427? "Bigger"
    4. Can I drive it? "After you pay for it"
    5. What's it worth? "Five years to life"

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