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Tire recommendations…

Discussion in 'Race Talk' started by Anonymous, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Member

    Hey guys… what’s a good set of ties to run on a road track for wheels that are 17x9 and 17x11? Also what is the recommended air pressure?

    And last what kind of street tire are people using
  2. BPWilliams

    BPWilliams Member

    I am currently running victor V710's on the track, and KD's on the street. I have 315 in the rear on 11" rims and 285 on 10" rims for the street. However they were slippery on the track, luckly we have Bonderaunt (spelling) and Larry Pond in the area and we did some math calculations and came up with 275's for the track. What was happening is that the contact patch was too big with my street tires :?: and I was sliding all over the place. The smaller tires work great for the track and they are all the same size 275's on 10" rims. If you plan on running the track, get track tires they are much safer than street tires on the track. Also I have only 10K miles on my street tires and they will last for quite awhile keeping them off the track.
    I have also tried victor racers and they are for auto cross, they get slippery the longer you are on them, Khumo, Hoosier, there are a lot of good track tires out there.
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Member


    Thanks for the tips on the tires…

    Hey have another question for you… I think you’re running Baer Brakes in the front if I read correctly in another post. Are you using drilled and slotted rotors and if so are using drilled and slotted in the back too. I am having a hard time finding some for the back… I was just curious where to get them and preferably nickel plated.
  4. BPWilliams

    BPWilliams Member

    Go Big if you plan on racing, use 13" rotors if possable! even with race pads I still could use more brakes! You know dive deeper, out brake that guy on the inside corner! yaaa!
    I have Baer on all 4's and they are wonderful, all drilled slotted, just need to make some air ducts to cool them as they do get hot on the track. Also follow the instructions on braking them in it is important. Here is a shot of the rears..... I have Track on the rear, and street on the front I think, nothing crazy...

    Opps lost the picture post area???
  5. Luce

    Luce Member

    Oh my, what pretty corsets.

    Thanks for the big fat spam sammich.

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