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Who makes the steering rack for a 2007 LS427?

Discussion in 'LS-427' started by NC Cobra, Jul 30, 2015.

  1. NC Cobra

    NC Cobra Member

    The rubber boots on my steering rack are starting to fail and I need to replace them. My rack is NOT a Flaming River. I originally ordered FR replacement boots. The large diameter on those is 1 3/4 inches. The boots on my rack are 2 1/8 inches. I called FR. They verified I do not have a FR rack because "Flaming River" is not cast into the casting with the pinion. No, the FR boots won't stretch. I wasted an hour of my life trying to figure that out. Can someone out there give me a make and phone number of the rack supplied with 2007 model LS427? I understand there is new management at LSC, now UCC. I've left messages and finally spoke with Hever today. The only thing he could tell me is that the current racks are supplied by FR. He is supposed to try and get in touch with Brian and let me know. If anyone out there can point me in the right direction, please speak up.
  2. Barnsnake

    Barnsnake Member

    Check the local auto supply for Mustang II / Pinto replacements.
  3. NC Cobra

    NC Cobra Member

    We all know how ignorant the local auto parts stores can be if you don't have year, make, AND model. Should I give them a particular year? Or was it all the same from '73 to '78?
  4. Barnsnake

    Barnsnake Member

    I would guess all the manual steering boots were the same, but I'd just pick one and measure what they come up with. If the manual steering isn't the right diameter, check the power steering boot. It might be different.
    I do know the mounting method on our racks is consistent with Mustang II/Pinto.
  5. NC Cobra

    NC Cobra Member

    I tried the local auto parts store yesterday. No luck. They don't stock any boots. I would have to order blindly from a list of about 50 choices and then check the size once it arrived. No thanks. Maybe as a last resort.

    Barnsnake, what year is your car? Can you check the driver's side casting, the one with the pinion, and tell me if 'Flaming River is cast into it? Or is it like mine with the following characters cast in 4047S? You other guys with a 2007 or older car, what is on your casting?
  6. Barnsnake

    Barnsnake Member

    Mine is a 2001 vintage car and I no longer have the original rack. The one I'm currently using was removed from a 2004-2005 vintage Lonestar. Neither of them is/was marked Flaming River.

    I have some old rack boots. I can see if there are any useful markings on them, and measure the diameters.
  7. Luce

    Luce Member

  8. NC Cobra

    NC Cobra Member

    That means a $5 boot will now cost me $75. At least it looks like the boot might fit my rack. I've always known that replacing the whole rack was an option, but come on, why can't I figure out who supplies this rack?
  9. Barnsnake

    Barnsnake Member

    You may want to replace your auto supply. It can't be that hard to buy a boot for a Mustang II.

    If all else fails, go to Rockauto and order some.
  10. NC Cobra

    NC Cobra Member

    I've been to Rock Auto and Partsgeek. Couldn't find the size I needed. Believe me, i know it shouldn't be hard. I've already determined not all Mustang II racks are created equal. It should be crazy easy, if I just knew who made the rack. That's all I need, or a local store with a wall full of boots.
  11. cobrapilot

    cobrapilot Member

    I'm with Luce,

    I did exactly that a couple of years ago.
    For the price of the boots, I just replaced the whole rack for under $100.
    The boost will cost nearly that anyway.

    I do remember having to cut the ends down an inch or so on each end to get the toe set right...


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